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ColdFusion Community Education 2020 and Beyond

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March 17th
20:00 EDT

Here is What We Will Cover

2020, Evolving Training

While we use some of the classic tools, technology continues to expand options for education?

Individuality But Common Paths

How is it one IDE seems to rule them all these days? Each platform still has tremendous personality but our tools show we do our work along the same workflows.

Collaboration Is The Way

Was it the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Was it a single drop of water raises all ships? What is true, is if we work together, we can benefit everybody!

The Old Way Is Depreciated

Someone said, the only constant in life is change. When it comes to technology they forgot to mention how fast it cycles!

The Containers Rule

Yes, change means this rule won't last forever. But it will be the stepping stone to what's next.

How Will You Influence Your Community Today?

We are looking to form teams to get these resources out, more of a crowd source push to delivery. Hopefully the ideas will also allow us to find ways to keep things more current. We are looking for contributions big and small. Come join us to find out what you can contribute.


ColdFusion Training and Beyond

ColdFusion used to be everything, well, the center for CF based sites. Now it is part of a mix, and rarely stands alone.

So, we will also be hoping to produce fundamental courses from Docker to VueJS. That will help with the mixed courses where we show the technologies together. So we hope to also work on resources related to DevOps (Jenkins and Beyond), Docker, Front End Frameworks ( Angular, React and Vue ), Testing from TestBox to Cypress), API tools like Postman and much more.

Working together isn't about taking on mega projects. It's about breaking projects into micro solutions just like our software. We need to race like the Tortoise and make valuable steady progress. Together this will accomplish more than we ever have before.

March 17th
20:00 EDT